by: American Legal Magazine

Posting Past Results on your Law Firm Website has Benefits as well as Drawbacks

The Pros and Cons, plus Alternatives

Storytelling is all the rage in marketing. Marketing consultants rave about the incredible results that can follow when you share stories about how your services improved clients’ lives. But does that hold true for law firms? Should a personal injury firm post results from past cases on their website to entice potential clients?

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons, as well as alternatives, for posting results.

Benefits of Posting Past Results on Your Website

Success stories can be very persuasive sales tools. They create an immediate impact while leaving a lasting impression. Many people's eyes glaze over when they read a large number, but it becomes much easier to comprehend and retain when it's attached to a dollar sign.

Moreover, the stories about clients provide a sense of credibility. If the firm achieved results for one client, they can do it again. This credibility coupled with excitement can inspire action. Potential clients who were indecisive could be tempted to place that phone call or click the contact link.

Potential Drawbacks

While past results can generate new clients, they can also generate unrealistic client expectations. Clients may not fully appreciate the difference between their situation and the circumstances attached to the prior case results. They can become dissatisfied and reject reasonable settlement offers.

Additionally, it is important to take great care with ethical and contractual considerations when posting information about past cases. Because the terms of many settlements preclude publicity, you may find that your best result must be kept quiet. Or the cases with publicized results could gain fame for the wrong reasons, drawing negative attention to your firm.

Alternatives to Posting Results

Many law firms find it advantageous to boost their image by posting client reviews or linking to review sites instead of sharing case results. While these reviews do not have the shock value of headlines highlighting monetary results, they can prove to be a better marketing tool in the long run. Clients post reviews on their initiative and in their own words, which lends a greater sense of credibility.

Some firms also prefer to focus on the services they can offer to new clients rather than sensational results from services provided in prior cases.

Decide What Makes Sense for Your Firm

Every law firm has a different style, creating a corporate culture. It should be marketed to show why your firm is the right fit for a particular client. Before posting past results on your website, consider whether that type of sales pitch fits your firm's personality. You have a limited amount of space to make a first impression, and only you can decide what that impression should be.